Date for the Diary… 15th June

Not long now, folks, before we can re-open our doors again.
Exciting, but a little scary, I must admit!
On 15th June we will be opening Charlotte’s Chocolates – as a shop. So you can buy chocolates over the counter… just like you used to do.
The counter is all re-stocked and raring to go! (and looking rather fabulous, I must admit!)
We’ll have lots of chocolatey delights ready and waiting for you.
We cannot, for the moment, re-open the café. So the tables and chairs will remain stacked and stored, waiting for when the Government says we can.
We will continue to sell delicious drinks, snacks and ice creams from our serving hatch, but for takeaway only.
Our opening hours will be Monday-Saturday 10-5, Sundays 11-4.
Current social distancing rules will apply, and we ask you please to respect them.
Thank you so much for your support over the past few weeks. It’s been amazing – and a little overwhelming at times! I hope you will continue to support us and that sometime soon, we’ll be back to normal again.

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